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    Maintenance Window 10/06/2024
    June 10, 2024, 12:53 pm

    Starting at 11:55 PM 10/06/2024 PH time, we will perform a server maintenance. The maintenance duration will be around 1-2 hours During this time you will not be able to login in game.... Read More!

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    Accounts Block or Banned
    April 14, 2024, 6:57 am

    Account: KUYASHAN012020 Character: Kuyashanky- Reason: Rule (2.c.2) Action: Chat blocked (use "Let me Chat" item to unblock) Account: YORT0129 Character: BloodyDaggers Reason: Rule (2.c.2) Action: Ch... Read More!

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    Stay Connected With Us (Discord group)
    January 25, 2023, 6:27 pm

    We got a lot of troubles and we might get another delay! To stay connected with you , the users, we the GMs created a discord server and we have been modding it a little you can join us by clicking th... Read More!

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    [MUST READ] Sanuta, Nabad, Barana
    December 29, 2020, 8:06 pm

    While I figure out how to auto remove SANUTA,NABAD BARANA affections when they are overdue, if you don't want to switch char when you get the bug, you can use a command that I created for manually rem... Read More!

  1. [EVENT] June 2024 (Medusa & Pandora)

    Here is our Story line: Prometheus was a Titan who really liked humans. He helped them in any way he could. When he saw them shivering at night and eating raw meat, he knew they needed fire. But the gods did not allow man to have fire. They knew tha... Read More!



Master Points Character Level
  1. Mathieu


  2. Mathieu


  3. ChackY


  4. Cheongpong


  5. Tazo


  6. RlCARD0


  7. GoddessHecate




  9. Ji-C-M


  10. TakaRa


Events Schedule

Walking Death in
Karya Dungeon #1 in
Karya Dungeon #2 in
Naisha Dungeon in
Paroksya Invasion in
Ananga Invasion in
Vedi Kruma Battle in
Anaka Spawning #1
Anaka Spawning #2
Durga Token
Castle Siege at
Fortress War at
Cali Dungeon at
Cali Dungeon at
Cali Dungeon at